User Agreement

User Agreement

The User Agreement of the Online Service to buy tickets for buses, hereinafter referred to as the User Agreement, Agreement, Offer, contains the rights and obligations of the Agent - Site Administration, User, Passenger, Carrier, arising from receiving transportation services when purchasing a bus ticket via the Service on the web-page www.

Before the start of the purchase, the User needs to familiarize himself with the grounds and rules for tickets return, and with the minimum of normative acts by which the carriers are guided when providing transportation services.

Using any functional opportunity of the Service on the web- page, the User agrees with the terms of this agreement, as well as with the terms of other provisions and rules regulating the manner of services provision on the web-page and the normative minimum.

Terms and Definitions

Online service for buying tickets for buses is a hardware-technical complex, by the help of which it is possible to write out and pay for a bus ticket according to the parameters chosen by the User.

The User – is a capable individual over 18 years old.

A passenger – is a User who has purchased an electronic ticket on the web-page

The carrier – is the bus transport company “Sarvalteh Auto SRL”, which has all the necessary permits, insurance and licenses for transporting people along inter-city routes.

Carrier service – transportation of passengers on a given route according to the purchased tickets.

Carrier Website -

An electronic ticket – is a document entitling a passenger to use the carrier’s service, formed by a software module and containing all the necessary details: route, bus number, row, place, date and time of departure, price. Equal to the contract of carriage between the passenger and the carrier.

General Provisions

For a fee, the carrier provides the service of remote sale of tickets for buses to the Users according to the selected parameters.

1. Ticket purchase procedure

1.1. On the website, the User selects the route, date of travel, number of passengers, familiarizes with the Privacy Policy, User agreement, indicates the passenger's surname, name and patronymic, phone number, e-mail, passport details and click "Order".

1.2. After clicking the button "Order", the User passes to the page of payment system in order to enter the data of the bank card. Carriers do not have access to this page, the bank card data is only received by the payment system via secure communication channels.

1.3. In case of a successful payment, the Service forms an e-ticket with all the details of the trip and uploads it to the site.

1.4. The service will send a copy of the electronic ticket available for print in pdf format on the passenger’s e-mail.

2. The procedure for obtaining carrier’s services

2.1. In order to use the carrier’s service, the User must present the ticket in printed form, obtained via the service for passing through the turnstiles or, if they are not available, to the bus driver.

3. Return procedure

3.1. Until the moment of entering the bank card data and confirming the payment, the User has the right to refuse the purchase. In this case, no fee is charged.

3.2. From the moment of payment confirmation, the User has the right to return the ticket. At the same time, the User will be charged 15% of the cost of transportation, if it is returned in less than 24 hours before the carrier renders the service.

3.3. In order to return a ticket through the site according to p. 3.2. the User contacts the Carrier in any available way: by the telephone number of the contact center or by e-mail posted on the web-site.

4. Price

4.1. Ticket price is set by the carrier.

5. Amendment of the agreement

5.1. The carrier has the right to change unilaterally the terms of service provision.

5.2. The current version of the User Agreement is located on the web-page

5.3. The User independently tracks the information about the terms of service provision. Using the Service after the changes were introduced in the terms of its use means that the User agrees to such changes.

6. Final provisions

6.1. The service of the Agent is provided "as is". The Agent is not responsible for any possible expectations from the use of the Service, for dissatisfaction with the use of the resource and other circumstances beyond the control of the Agent.

6.2. Disagreements of the parties are settled in a complaint with a deadline for response - 10 business days. In case of failure to reach the consent of the parties - the dispute is subject to the court for consideration in accordance with the rules and requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

To board the bus you will need:

1. The identity card confirming that the ticket was issued specifically for you (usually it is a passport), or the document that was used when buying a ticket – for adults and a birth certificate – for children.

2. The itinerary receipt, which You have received by e-mail when paying for the ticket, must be printed out.

Attention! Passengers boarding is made by a bus station employee in accordance with the landing list.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and to prevent being late for the bus, we ask You to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the departure of the bus. Persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed to board the bus.

Attention! Check carefully the data indicated on the ticket. Passengers whose name and surname will be incorrectly indicated on the ticket are not allowed on the bus!

E-tickets are not transferable to others and are valid only upon presentation of the relevant identity documents of the passenger. Resale of the electronic tickets is not allowed.

The payment for the ticket is made by bank transfer using electronic bank cards Mastercard or VisaMastercard Visa